The fear of accepting mistakes, dependence, ignoring the bad of the other, putting fun over love and indecision are first on the list.

Poisonous or failed relationships are perfect to plunge into heartbreak, bitterness, negativity and everything bad you can imagine. And it is that according to its sign of the zodiac, the stars determine certain weaknesses that make us stumble over the same stone, the reason why we continue in toxic relationships. 

It is not by chance, much is the fear of what they will say, that they see you as a failure or simply, because you think that by insisting you can change the story. Unfortunately in this case we speak of absolutes and as the famous saying goes: “tree that is born crooked, its trunk never straightens”.

·         Aries

You love the game of persecution and constant adventure. Situations easily bore you and if your partner does not figure out how to keep you entertained, you’ll leave. This is the weakness that you should take care of, find who to have fun with but without feeling love, that relationship will not lead you to anything good.

·         Taurus

Comfort, sad but real. Sometimes you like the routine so much that you prefer to stay there to save yourself the pain of meeting someone new and having to live a new process of adaptation. Your heart deserves to take a risk and do not settle for what does not fill you.

·         Gemini

Indecision, you do not know what you really want. You pose on the wrong flower for fear of trying something different and failing, even for fear of repentance. I’ll just tell you that if the river sounds, it’s water, if you do not feel happy in your relationship, it’s time to explore what’s outside.

·         Cancer

Your life is a struggle between the brain and the heart, so love blinds you easily. You focus so much on falling in love and believing that he is the right person, that you ignore all the warning signs in the relationship and that they tell you “this is not your place”. Admit it, the couple is not perfect and if you ignore their defects, you will only suffer.

·         Leo

You hate to admit that you were wrong, so you are able to continue in a relationship that falls apart. Add to that that you enjoy drama and having a toxic relationship is the perfect material. Worth it? Of course not, you deserve better.

·         Virgo

You tend to feel guilty about the problems in the relationship and think you can solve them. Oh no, the problems are always two, it’s good to admit your share of the blame but you cannot save the ship alone. Recognize what you cannot solve and if your partner does not cooperate, put an end to the relationship.

·         Pound

You have to evade the negative aspects of the relationship, this is due to your desire to maintain control and balance in your life. This can lead you to live with a partner who does not satisfy you by avoiding conflict. Fear of problems is useless, do not expect him to take the baton, do it for you.

·         Scorpion

You love what you are not supposed to have, so you can entangle yourself several times with who “should not be with you” and thus keep distance from true love for your problems to trust others. Stop wasting time on something like that, you deserve a complete love, admit what is really good for you.

·         Sagittarius

Your optimism clouds your vision. You love your independence but if it’s about love, you’re so optimistic that you ignore what you dislike about your partner. You cannot live with a half-married couple. Stop wasting time waiting for the change that will not come.

·         Capricorn

You invest so much that you do not want a loss. Time, energy, emotions, you expect everything to flourish and you will seldom accept that it simply did not happen. Do not think it’s a waste, in this life we ​​do not lose, we win or we learn only. The best is yet to come.

·         Aquarius

You think you’ve never felt this. Opening up to a couple involves feeling new things in mental, emotional and physical aspects, you feel so wonderful that although it is not what you expected you will be satisfied. Friend, let me tell you that if you liked this and it was not the right person, what comes will be much better.

·         Pisces

You love feeling necessary. It is normal that in a relationship you give so much that you form great connections even if that person is not the correct one, you can even manipulate yourself if you see that you do most of everything. Please, if the person depends on you, get away! What you are looking for is a couple, not a son, you are not here to solve your life.

With information from though Catalog.



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