There are rumors getting hot about the release of Dabangg3 and the best news about this movie is its 18 year old actress who is circulating her nude pics in the online world and this has made her famous everywhere.Everybody is trying to find out whether she is really a choice for Dabangg 3 and does Salman Khan know her.She has been identified as Pearl Raah who is based out in London and currently enjoying fame and name by being associated with superstar salman khan.According to a press release it was claimed that she is a good friend of salman khan and he is in a constant touch with her.But according to some sources she does not have any connection with the superstar and so far nothing has been finalized for Dabangg part 3.It was also told that she leaked her nude photos deliberately to gain publicity.

Source: Topless pics of rumored Dabangg3 actress leaked » NewsViewsNetwork


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